Software to customize MSN Messenger

Here is an overview of the software to customize your MSN Live Messenger.Warning, these software are not approved by Microsoft. For some, you can not upload them to the site of their author.

It begins with the famous Messenger Plus! That is a pioneer in the MSN Messenger software customization. Among its many features include the simultaneous opening of several Messenger accounts, customizing sounds, creating predefined texts and choice of colors. Small problem: for an optimized use of this software, it is better that the other person has too.

Developer website Messenger Plus!

You find that Messenger Plus! is too messy? So you turn to Clean Messenger.Simple to use, it allows you to remove features of Messenger you judged useless as displaying advertising banners for example. If you have made ​​a mistake, the software allows you to make a “backup” of your initial configuration allowing you restoration.

Download Clean Messenger

In the same vein as Clean Messenger include bulk Apatch (English), or MSNCreative MessLivePatch.
These allow you to send nudges to infinity, much sought after feature to annoy his contacts! For more information, see the article that presents in detail the software that allows sending unlimited nudges.

Other software that I appreciate: MSN Pictures Dispayer. It’s simple, the software has only one function and not least the automatic change your avatar. Just specify the folder to contain your avatars, the software ocuppera change your avatar at intervals that you have previously set. You can create your own slideshows and show them to your contacts, even if they have not installed MSN Pictures Displayer. The slideshows are recordable and can therefore be stored or exchanged with friends. You can also add a description for each image so that your contacts can see your comments.

Author’s website MSN Pictures Displayer

It ends with MSN Backup is a tool allowing to export and to import emoticons, winks (Winks) Avatars (User Tiles) and wallpapers MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) 7, 7.5, 8.0 and 8.1. With MSN Backup, it is possible to have a preview winks. Warning: From WLM 8.1, it is necessary to register your Passport Unique ID in MsnBackUp.

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